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The Glenholm Centre provides a growing range of computer courses from its training facility which is between Peebles and Biggar in the Scottish Borders. We specialise in Microsoft and Lotus software (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher and FrontPage as well as WordPro, 1-2-3 and Approach), Microsoft operating systems and networks and Internet applications, and our courses are designed to cater for all levels of computer user. 

All courses, which are conducted by Neil Robinson, are practical in nature, encouraging participants to learn through practice and experiment, and aim to break through the jargon that often clouds computer technology. Each participant has a dedicated computer for the duration of the course and groups are never larger than eight people where participants are from the same organisation and very rarely more than four for other groups.

Participants of all computer courses receive detailed course notes and are entitled to one month of free support by telephone or e-mail after completing the course as long as this support relates to the course attended.

Several styles of  training are available:

    Full day courses  
    Relax and learn computing breaks 
    On-site training

The list of courses currently offered appears below. However we are constantly developing new training programmes and can often tailor courses to the specific requirements of the customer. Please contact us if the course you require does not appear here.



While the Centre has its own fully equipped computer training facility near Broughton in the Scottish Borders (detailed directions and maps can be found in a separate page), training can be provided on the customer's premises if required.  Costs vary depending on the style of training, equipment used and location. 


The Glenholm Centre training room was formerly a school. The building is probably about 200 years old and was certainly active as a school serving the glen in 1870 when it had an official capacity of 40 children and an actual attendance of over 20. 

The school closed in 1943 and until the end of 1997 was used as an office, initially being the home of Smiths Gore and latterly the regional office for MacMillan Cancer Relief.


Full Day Courses

These courses are held at the Glenholm Centre, usually cover a single application at a certain level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and run from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM with a one hour break for lunch. Lunch is included as part of the package. If preferred these courses may be completed in two consecutive half days as relax and learn courses.

Most attendees at these courses are usually local to the Glenholm Centre. However visitors from further afield may wish to combine their training with a stay at the Glenholm Centre.


Relax and Learn Breaks

The relax and learn computing breaks are spread over two, three or five days, the two or three-day courses usually covering one specific computer topic, the five day courses combining elements from a number of applications. The more formal component of the training is conducted during the morning sessions which run from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM. However participants have access to the computer facilities throughout the afternoon for practice if they so wish with professional support available throughout this period. Lunch is once again included in the package.

A Typical Day at
The Glenholm Centre

  • Wake up to the sounds of the countryside.
  • Enjoy a full farm breakfast in the Centre’s dining room.
  • Spend the morning in the training room.
  • After lunch how about a walk along the glen, discovering more of its scenic beauty, or continue practising in the training room.
  • In the evening, enjoy a hearty three course dinner and then relax in our comfortable lounge and residents’ bar.
  • Retire to bed with only the babble of the burn and the hooting of the owls to keep you awake.

These courses are normally residential with participants arriving in time for dinner the evening before the first day of training and leaving on the afternoon of the last day of training. Non-residential participants are nonetheless welcome and on the longer courses may choose to only attend those half-days that are appropriate to themselves.

Group sizes for relax and learn courses are never more than four and the content is often adapted to the particular needs of the group.

Five day courses usually commence on a Tuesday and finish on a Saturday. Two day courses may be held on any two consecutive days but typically are held at weekends.

Rates for different styles of training are displayed below along with the list of courses available.


On-Site Training

The Centre is able to provide on-site training either at a customer's premises or at an independent venue. Such training is often tailored to the needs of the customer and may include any of the content included in the courses listed below. 

In the past the Centre has run courses at the Heriot Watt Galashiels campus for the Borders Training Group and at Tweed Horizons for Scottish Enterprise Borders using equipment based at those venues. We have also held seminars for members of the VisitScotland Scottish Borders and Scottish Enterprise Borders (SEB) at various hotels around the Scottish Borders and at SEB's Ettrick Riverside premises in Selkirk. In 2005, and in conjunction with People First Training, we have even provided training in London for MAN Roland.

Finally we have held 1-to-1 sessions around a single computer with employees of a number of Scottish Borders and Edinburgh based businesses as well as home users.

Costs will vary depending on location, style of training and number of participants. Example rates are listed below.  



Courses at the Glenholm Centre are scheduled when they are first requested. Once scheduled a course will only be cancelled if there are no participants on that course. If only one participant has booked on a course that course will still run as a 1-to-1 session at no extra charge. 

If you would like a copy of the current course schedule please contact us. Note that if the course you are looking for does not appear within the programme or is not on a convenient date we may still be able to add a suitable course at a suitable time so please contact us to discuss what is available.


Rates for 2008

Full Day Courses (per person)
Non-Residential (including lunch)


Relax and Learn Computing Breaks (per person)
Residential per day (includes full board accom for 1 night)


One Non-Residential Half-Day Module (includes lunch) £90.00
On Site Training
One Day Group Training (+Travel Expenses)


Half Day Group Training (+Travel Expenses) £140.00
One to One Training (per hour) (+Travel Expenses) £30.00
Computer Hire (per computer) £20.00
Travel Expenses: £20 minimum fee for the first 15 miles from Broughton, and then £0.50 per mile beyond that.

notes: (a) on any residential course a second person participating in the course and sharing the same twin or double room will qualify for a 50% discount. (b) on-site training within five miles of the Glenholm Centre incurs no travel expenses.


Course List

Course TitleLength Code
(see below)
Five Day Courses
Computing for Beginners RL5
Getting More from Office and Publisher RL5
Pictures to Presentation RL5
Web Design using FrontPage RL5
Fundamentals and Operating Systems
An Introduction to Personal Computers RL2/OD
Finding Your Way Round Windows OD
Finding Your Way Round Windows - Stage I - Windows & Programs HD
Finding Your Way Round Windows - Stage II - Disks and Data HD
Buying the Right Computer for You HD
The Internet
An Introduction to the Internet RL2/OD/HD
The Internet - Stage I - Getting Connected HD
The Internet - Stage II - Beyond the Web HD
E-Mail - Stage I - The Basics HD
E-Mail - Stage II - Mail Management HD
Create Your Own Web Page RL2/RL3/OD
Advanced Web Page Design RL2/OD
Applications (Word Processing)
Creating Stylish Letters and Leaflets RL2
Microsoft Word - Stage I - Getting Started HD/OD
Microsoft Word - Stage II - Working with Graphics HD/OD
Microsoft Word - Stage III - Laying Out Text HD/OD
Microsoft Word - Stage IV - Mail Merge HD/OD
Lotus WordPro - Getting Started HD/OD
Applications (Spreadsheets)
Microsoft Excel - Stage I - Getting Started HD/OD
Microsoft Excel - Stage II - Multiple Spreadsheets HD/OD
Microsoft Excel - Stage III - Working with Data HD/OD
Lotus 1-2-3 - Getting Started HD/OD
Lotus 1-2-3 - Advanced - Multiple Spreadsheets and Beyond HD/OD
Applications (Databases)
Microsoft Access - Stages I & II - Tables and Queries OD
Microsoft Access - Stage III - Forms and Reports HD
Microsoft Access - Stage IV - Menu Driven Databases HD
Microsoft Works - Working with Data HD
Lotus Approach - Working with Data HD
Applications (Desk Top Publishing & Presentation Management)
Microsoft Powerpoint - Stage I - The Basics HD
Microsoft Powerpoint - Stage II - Movement and Sound HD
Microsoft Publisher HD/OD
Adobe Pagemaker HD/OD
Pictures from Scanner to Application - Stage I - Scanning and Saving HD
Pictures from Scanner to Application - Stage II - Editing HD
Digital Cameras and Editing Pictures HD
Applications (Personal Organisers)
Microsoft Outlook - Stage I - Contacts and Diaries HD


 HD = Half Day courses - 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM.
OD = One Day
courses - 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.
TD  = Two Day
courses - 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.
RL2/RL3/RL5 =
Relax and Learn courses of 2, 3 or 5 days - 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM.


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